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Three Reasons Why I Took Udacity’s Digital Marketing NanoDegree

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Digital Marketing

I have been writing a storytelling blog for almost six years but unfortunately I haven’t been able to get enough viewers for my work. My motive of starting this blog was to reach the masses with my fictional stories and build up a community from there. But for that I needed to get my blog a whole lot of viewers. I used to think that this would happen automatically as my content was good enough. But after doing an internship at a digital marketing firm, I found out that we need to market our content to be found.

I had no idea about marketing but I was determined to learn. I tried a lot of online resources to get me upto speed but I wasn’t able to find the right knowledge base to get my blog to the heights that it deserved. After careful thought, I found out that I needed professionals to teach me the dos and don’ts of digital marketing.

My Reasons

I was looking for the following things:

  1. A complete guide for marketing anything online. I wanted this because I keep having ventures that fail because I failed to market them.
  2. A consolidated guide for digital marketing. I have looked all around the internet but there is no guide which has everything about digital marketing in one place.
  3. A guide which offers hands on knowledge. There are many sources that provide digital marketing knowledge. But there is no place where the gained knowledge can be put to practice. I needed a place which has digital marketing projects.

My mentor at the firm I interned at helped me a lot but he had less time. Therefore, it was difficult for him to devote time. So I couldn’t rely on him only. I needed a proper step by step guide to being a digital marketer. After years of searching, Udacity released their Digital Marketing Nanodegree. It did catch my eye but I wasn’t sure about the credibility. After actually doing another nanodegree from Udacity, I realised that Udacity had all three of my requirements. So as soon as I could grab my seat, I did. This is my second Udacity project and I don’t regret taking up this Nanodegree at all. It helps me every step of the way and with the help of my mentor and Udacity, I would definitely be able to market my content in a much better way.


Ghost Bus

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ghost bus ride to hell
Ever wondered what a ghost bus ride to hell would be like? Read this short story to have a ride of your life time which might be your last.

As I’m traveling by bus today, so I thought of writing this scary bus horror story. Hope you like it. 🙂

It was a Friday night and Varun had to reach New Delhi early morning for a job interview. His secluded village didn’t have a bus stand so they had to wait on the roadside for a bus. It was getting late and no bus towards Delhi passed by him.

He would be late for his interview if a bus didn’t stop for him in the next hour. It was almost 1 when a really old bus stopped in front of him. Nowadays buses have doors that open automatically but this one had manually opening doors. It was an odd choice of transport but due to his desperation, Varun decided to go for it. He texted his mom that he had gotten a bus and was on his way.


What Goes Around Comes Around

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what is betrayal and definition of revengeWant to know what is betrayal and the definition of revenge? This short story would tell you everything.The story is titled What Goes Around Comes Around for a simple reason that this story is about how you reap what you sow. Read along to find the hidden moral of the story.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional story. The protagonist of the story is narrating his own story and that protagonist is not me! I know he is a pig but that’s just what the story needed from him! 😀

It was a Friday. I needed a date to keep me company this weekend. So I decided to hit this rave party one of my friend told me about. Surely I would find a drunk bimbo who would hit it with me. It was a costume rave party. I had to take out my prized possession. The costume of Shay, a former assassin of the brotherhood gone rogue to join the Knight’s Templar. This was from Assassin’s Creed game. Girls are quick to jump in the sack when I look so awesome in this costume. I was ready so I took out my Harley, another babe magnet, and made my way to the rave.

A woman dressed up as an assassin from the brotherhood caught my eye. She had blueish eyes and magenta hair. I couldn’t see her face because it was covered with the costume’s buff mask. The excruciating detail on her getup suggested that she was a really hot nerd! I had decided that she was the one I would hump. She was at the bar when I approached her. As I sat down, I said, “Hi, I’m Shay. I’m a rogue assassin!” trying to mimic Shay’s scottish accent.

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Atonement – The Last Round

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This is the final chapter. Go to Atonement for chapterwise listing.

Kabir had to device a plan to lure Anne into committing a crime. She had been very careful in removing all evidence from the crime scene. He had to do something extremely drastic to draw her out. He needed evidence and he knew Anne’s house had all the evidence he needed. The final day of the Go Vegan rally was tomorrow. Anne was scheduled to give a lecture on the same. He needed Nischayy’s help. Kabir had found out that Nischayy used to be a pharmacist for animals and he would come in handy to silence those rottweilers.


Atonement – A Nifty Interview

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Kabir went to the office of Nifty technologies the next day. He had an appointment with the CEO Dr. Alex Michaelson. He made him wait for about two hours but finally they met. “Detective Kabir, how may I help you?”

“I saw in your public records that you made a software for Dwivedi Solutions. How did you meet them?”

“That was a tricky software. They found us through our website and contacted our client satisfaction team. They were one of our first high profile clients therefore I personally delivered them the software. I met with the CEO and his son. We still meet over drinks sometimes at the club. It was terrible what happened to his son.”

You are currently reading the fifth chapter. Go to Atonement for chapterwise listing.


Atonement – The Third Video Tape

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Detective Kabir got another call. This one was from a hospital’s emergency ward. When he reached the hospital, the doctor on call said, “Two brutally beaten up boys were found at the doorstep of the emergency ward. They were dropped here in an Omni van. There were no number plates and no way to identify who dropped them.

We found this pen drive, mobile phones and wallets in their pockets. We called their family using that only. Both of them are stable now and out of danger but none of them have regained consciousness yet. The nearby police station notified you because of a peculiar video on the pen drive. See for yourself.”

You are currently reading the fourth chapter. Go to Atonement for chapterwise listing.


Atonement – The Murder Farm

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You are reading the third chapter. Go to Atonement for chapterwise listing.

​In the outskirts of Gurgaon, on the way to Sohna, there is a village named Damdama. This village is famous for a manmade lake managed by Haryana Tourism Corporation. In weekends lots of City dwellers come here to escape from the hustle bustle of the city and find some quiet alone time with the man made illusion of nature. Lots of resorts and holiday inns have been set up near this lake. These resorts pride their recreational activities. These resorts are spread across hundreds of acres. Some business tycoons have also made getaway farmhouses in the lush green surroundings of Damdama Lake.


Atonement – We have a Serial Killer on our hands

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You are currently reading the second chapter of Atonement. Click Atonement for chapterwise listing

An urgent phone call on Kabir’s cell woke him up in the middle of the night. It was from the office.

“What time is it?” he asked.

“It’s 2 AM”, said the person on the other side of the call.

“Why have you disturbed me at this hour?”

“Sir, there has been another death. Similar M.O. The chief has demanded your presence at the crime scene.”

Another killing? This puts my hypothesis all wrong. This clearly means that Nischayy is innocent. Maybe he killed again to throw me off his track. Only the new dead body would shed some light on this. thought Kabir while dressing up.


Atonement – The Reason

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The story begins at this page Atonement .

Kabir Singh was promoted to detective due to his excellent capability to think like a criminal. He had a masters degree in Criminal Psychology when he joined the police force. His father, who was also a decorated police officer, was gunned down at a robbery gone wrong which is why he joined the force to make sure that no one else met that fate. He hated all criminals no matter what the gravity or the reason of the crime was but ironically he had the ability to connect with the criminal mind. This family slaughter was not some meaningless killing. It was a hate crime towards the nature of the business of the deceased.


Vacuum – The Only Mission that didn’t go Public

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Linda said, “Come on… you don’t want to keep the others waiting. Come along.”

Michelle could not move. “COME!” Linda shouted. The sheer noise of  the shout woke Michelle up from her trance and she agreed to follow her to where everyone was. Everyone was sitting still. It looked like they were possessed too.

“What is going on?” asked Michelle. Nobody replied. “I’ll tell you.” said Linda, “See it was not just David and Linda who murdered me. It was someone else too.”

You are currently reading the final chapter. Go to Vacuum for a chapterwise listing…