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This blog contains free online short stories to read of different genres but the home page/archive shows only the latest posts. The above menu gives you chapter wise lists of my stories. If you are familiar with the blog then go ahead and read the latest chapter of my latest story. If you want to read the stories chapter wise , the names of the stories are above… just go ahead and click… By vote the three best stories in my blog are 1.Never Trust A Girl 2. The Mystery of a Creepy Island 3. Halloween Special : The Return of Lawrence Smallwood Please check out the latest post section to find out about my latest creation. Stay tuned for more crisp…

Halloween Special: Night at Bhangarh Fort

Halloween Special: A Night At Bhangarh Fort

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This tale is not for the faint hearted but if you love true horror stories, you are in for a treat. Not sure how much of it is true, but someone told it to me and he believed it to be true. So happy Halloween and enjoy a night at bhangarh fort. Do tell me if you liked it! Benedict Thorburn and a group of his friends were out for a camping weekend after a long hard year of meetings and presentations. Every year, he and his friends Becky Fassbender, Rajat Rathod, Sanya Singhania and Gurveer Singh Sethi, went out for camping in the nearby woods to get away from their fast paced lives. This year, Gurveer had suggested a camping in Alwar, Rajasthan. The […]

Three Reasons Why I Took Udacity’s Digital Marketing NanoDegree

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I have been writing a storytelling blog for almost six years but unfortunately I haven’t been able to get enough viewers for my work. My motive of starting this blog was to reach the masses with my fictional stories and build up a community from there. But for that I needed to get my blog a whole lot of viewers. I used to think that this would happen automatically as my content was good enough. But after doing an internship at a digital marketing firm, I found out that we need to market our content to be found. I had no idea about marketing but I was determined to learn. I tried a lot of online resources to get me upto speed but I wasn’t […]

Ghost Bus

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Ever wondered what a ghost bus ride to hell would be like? Read this short story to have a ride of your life time which might be your last. As I’m traveling by bus today, so I thought of writing this scary bus horror story. Hope you like it. 🙂 It was a Friday night and Varun had to reach New Delhi early morning for a job interview. His secluded village didn’t have a bus stand so they had to wait on the roadside for a bus. It was getting late and no bus towards Delhi passed by him. He would be late for his interview if a bus didn’t stop for him in the next hour. It was almost 1 when a really old […]

What Goes Around Comes Around

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Want to know what is betrayal and the definition of revenge? This short story would tell you everything.The story is titled What Goes Around Comes Around for a simple reason that this story is about how you reap what you sow. Read along to find the hidden moral of the story. DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional story. The protagonist of the story is narrating his own story and that protagonist is not me! I know he is a pig but that’s just what the story needed from him! 😀 It was a Friday. I needed a date to keep me company this weekend. So I decided to hit this rave party one of my friend told me about. Surely I would find a drunk bimbo […]

Atonement – The Last Round

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This is the final chapter. Go to Atonement for chapterwise listing. Kabir had to device a plan to lure Anne into committing a crime. She had been very careful in removing all evidence from the crime scene. He had to do something extremely drastic to draw her out. He needed evidence and he knew Anne’s house had all the evidence he needed. The final day of the Go Vegan rally was tomorrow. Anne was scheduled to give a lecture on the same. He needed Nischayy’s help. Kabir had found out that Nischayy used to be a pharmacist for animals and he would come in handy to silence those rottweilers.