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Blogger/Singer/Story Writer/Engineer/Philosopher/Startup Enthusiast


Dakshvir Singh Rehill

CS Cloud Based Applications Engineer
Dakshvir Singh Rehill is one of those who believe in doing this rather than procrastinating. In addition to always excelling in studies, Dakshvir Singh took interest in extra curricular activities like extempores, singing, creative writing,etc. He has had projects on Wordpress CMS and Laravel for backend and is trained in frontend technologies like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, etc. He has also worked on Core and Advance JAVA as well as Python. For more details here is his resume.


Things that I work on.

Design your website with the best and easiest content management technologies. The current website has been designed using the same technology

Use PHP one of the languages used by Facebook for a secure backend functionality. PHP is also the language on which WordPress is developed

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dreamer turned to a corporate stooge

Dreamer turned to a Corporate Stooge – The story of every child ruled by fear

Once upon a time a boy was born into a world full of untold wonders. His parents loved him dearly and provided him with everything within their reach. He was an ordinary child. He used to play with everything, not a care in the world. He knew nothing except the rudimentary principles of life. He […]

smart home

My Smart Home – Something to Think

  Living in the digital age all of us would like a home that could do everything on it’s own. The vision I have for my future home is also similar. This article is going to touch through some of the ideas I would like to be implemented in my future home. It is not […]


What is it to be a Startup Enthusiast?

This era is known to be the era of startups. More than 6 Billion companies were launched in the past year and the number is expected to go higher this year. The general crowd of most of the aspiring universities/colleges of today have a dream of starting up something of their own but only a […]

serious dating

Serious Dating: Gains and Losses

The idea of serious dating and relationships gives all the commitment phobic individuals the creeps. Going through the pros and cons listed below might help in culling it or not. The Pros:┬áThere is nothing more noble than loving someone and giving them commitment. Completeness:-┬áBeing in a committed relationship gives you an imperforated sense of being. […]

casual dating

Casual Dating: Gains and Losses

Most of us have seen movies like ‘Friends with Benefits’ or ‘No Strings Attached’. The common idea behind these movies is that casual some way or the other turns into a serious relationship. Some of us find the idea of casual dating intriguing. Those of us who are interested in friends with benefits type of […]